Synthesis paper

The researchers chose a sample of obese and nonobese individuals who rated their feelings of loneliness through a survey. We always work to the highest of standards using some of the best-qualified tutors that you will find online so that you will always be fully satisfied with the end results.

They also discovered that attractive males had more interactions with females and less with males.

Synthesis Paper

You can advance as many reasons for the truth of your thesis as needed; but save the most important reason s for last, because the end of the paper is what will remain most clearly in the reader's mind.

They found that obese individuals were more likely to report feelings of loneliness than nonobese individuals. Remember that you are using your sources to support Synthesis paper ideas and claims, not the other way around.

State your thesis clearly and make sure that it reflects the focus of your essay. Synthesis is related to but not the same as classification, division, or comparison and contrast.

A synthesis paper is one Synthesis paper which you pull together many different ideas from different sources and try to make sense of what has been said. The results showed that attractiveness was more important in determining popularity than grades.

Make sure you establish your credibility on the subject and that you provide sufficient information to make your argument thesis convincing. So far, many of the studies in this paper have focused on the first impressions people have of others.

In conclusion you should summarize your main thesis and outline questions, which remain open or issues that ought to be further explored. We believe just using college students could pose a problem and might skew the results of the studies. Use specific examples and source materials appropriately as support.

At another point, you may wish to summarize a key section or paragraph of a source in a single sentence.

However, at times your argumentative synthesis essays will include sections that are explanatory in nature. How to write a synthesis paper? Through factors of attractiveness including gender, body size and age, it is apparent that physical attractiveness affects success in three areas of life- popularity, perceptions of performance and social interaction.

In most studies, the participants did not rate the attractiveness of the other subjects. A study concerning obese individuals focuses fully on the effect body size has on feelings of loneliness Schumaker et al.

Also proofread carefully to correct any other sentence errors.

Synthesis Paper

The purpose in writing an explanatory essay is not to argue a particular point, but rather to present the facts in a reasonably objective manner. Be sure to integrate source materials smoothly into your own writing using attribution phrases and transitions.

Further, you must go beyond the critique of individual sources to determine the relationship among them. This gives your synthesis a purpose, and even a thesis of sorts. Although that is true in many cases, after reading these studies we discovered that being physically attractive does not necessarily render success.

Make sure your main points are clearly stated use topic sentencesand connect each point to your thesis as explicitly as possible.Because a synthesis is based on two or more sources, you will need to be selective when choosing information from each. It would be neither possible nor desirable, for instance, to discuss in a ten-page paper on the battle of Wounded Knee every point that the authors of two books make about their subject.

1. Planning a Synthesis Paper (cont’d) Once you have completed a grid of common points, you can begin writing your paper. When you begin to write the body of the paper, you may want to follow these steps: 1.

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Select one common point and divide it into sub-topics that represent paragraph size “chunks.”. Gender Gender is one area often focused on when studying physical attractiveness. In the studies we viewed, the outcomes of males and females often differed because of gender.

I'll write free-form comments when assessing students. Use this rubric for assignment grading. Hide score total for assessment results. This part of the paper which may be one paragraph or several pages depending on the length of the paper--is similar to the background synthesis.

Your primary purpose is to show readers that you are familiar with the field and are thus qualified to offer your own opinions. - Definition of a review paper A review is a comprehensive synthesis of results from a wide and complex set of studies A synthesis of findings rather than ideas.

Goal of a review paper is to help readers make sense of all available information Direct quotations rarely found in reviews. Do Not Use.

Synthesis paper
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